Managing operator requests and queued work

The work queue lists all library requests, or work items, whether initiated by an application or by Removable Storage. A request to mount a tape in a library, for example, results in a mount work item listed in the work queue.

The following table describes the states that a work item can have:

Work stateDescription


The work item has been completed successfully.


Removable Storage was unable to complete the work item.

In Process

Removable Storage is actively operating on the work item.


The work item is ready to be carried out, but Removable Storage has not yet begun to operate on it.


One or more resources needed to satisfy the request are currently in use.

An operator request is a message that asks you to perform a specific task. Operator requests can be issued by Removable Storage or by a program that is aware of Removable Storage, such as Backup. Removable Storage can generate an operator request when any of the following occur:

An application initiates a mount request for a tape or disk that is offline.

There are no available media online. That is, a program requires media, and none exist in the appropriate application media pool or in a free media pool.

A library has failed and requires servicing.

A drive needs cleaning and no usable cleaner cartridges are available in the library.

You can respond to operator requests by either completing or refusing the operator request. When you refuse an operator request, Removable Storage notifies the application that generated the request. By default, Removable Storage stores an operator request in the work queue for one hour after you respond to the request. For information about how to respond to an operator request, see To respond to an operator request 

The following table describes the states that an operator request can have:

Operator request stateDescription


You have indicated, or Removable Storage has detected, that the operator request was completed.


You have indicated that the operator request will not be performed.


Removable Storage or an application has submitted an operator request for action.

You can change how operator requests are displayed on your computer, delete operator requests, cancel any pending operation listed in the work queue, and change the order of mount requests in the work queue. For information about how to perform a specific task, click:

To change how operator requests are displayed 

To delete operator requests 

To cancel pending operations in the work queue 

To change the mount order in the work queue 

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