The SNMP service

The simple network management protocol (SNMP) service supports computers running TCP/IP and IPX protocols. It is an optional service that can be installed after the TCP/IP protocol has been successfully configured.

The SNMP service provides an SNMP agent that allows remote, centralized management of computers running:

Windows XP Home Edition 

Windows XP Professional 

Windows 2000 Professional 

Windows 2000 Server 

The SNMP agent also allows management of the following services:

Windows XP and Windows 2000-based WINS

Windows XP and Windows 2000-based DHCP

Windows XP and Windows 2000-based Internet Information Services

LAN Manager

To access the information that the SNMP agent service provides, you need at least one SNMP management system software application. The SNMP service supports but does not currently include SNMP management software. SNMP management software must be running on the host which acts as the management system. For more information about SNMP management software and applications, see "Simple Network Management Protocol" at the Microsoft Windows Resource Kits Web site.


The IPX/SPX protocol is not available on Windows XP 64-Bit Edition. 

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