Using Task Scheduler

Windows XP automatically installs Task Scheduler. To use the scheduling service, in Control Panel double-click the Scheduled Tasks folder.

You can schedule new tasks by double-clicking Add Scheduled Task, which starts the Scheduled Task wizard. You can add tasks by dragging scripts, programs, or documents from Windows Explorer or the desktop to the Scheduled Tasks window.

You can also use Task Scheduler to modify, delete, disable, or stop the tasks that you have scheduled, to view a log of past scheduled tasks, or to view tasks that are scheduled on a remote computer.

Network administrators can create task files for maintenance and add them to users' computers as needed. You can send and receive task files in e-mail messages, and you can share the Scheduled Tasks folder on your computer so that you can access it remotely by using My Network Places.

For detailed instructions about using Task Scheduler, see How to

For information on using Task Scheduler efficiently, see Best practices


You can create a scheduled task on your local computer and then drag the .job object over to a remote computer account.

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