To connect to a printer with a browser


Open Internet Explorer, or open Printers and Faxes


In the Address bar, type one of the following:

If you do not know the printer name, type the following, using the format: http://PrintServerName/printers/ 

For example, type http://W2KPrintSrv1/printers to receive a page listing all the printers, and then click the printer you want.

If you know the printer name, type its URL using the format: http://PrintServerName/PrinterName/ 

For example, type http://W2KPrintSrv1/HPColor5/ to go directly to that printer's page.


When viewing the printer's page, click Connect to connect to that printer.


To open Printers and Faxes, click Start, click Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Printers and Faxes

automatically copies the appropriate printer driver to the client computer.

The administrator can disable Internet printing using the Group Policy setting Disable Web-based Printing for printers.

For Internet printing, you must have Internet Information Service (IIS) installed on the server (or Peer Web Services (PWS) on  Professional).

You must use Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher to connect to a printer.

After you connect to a shared printer from a Web browser, you can use it as if it were attached to your computer. You can also add it to your browser Favorites.

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