Checklist: Securing your computers using Security Configuration Manager


Preparing to set up security policy

Review the descriptions of individual settings.

Security setting descriptions

Review default security settings, security groups, and Windows XP changes to default security settings

Default security settings, Differences in Windows XP default security settings 

Review default User Rights

Logon Rights, Privileges

Use Windows certified applications

Certified for Windows Program at the Microsoft Web site.

Analyze your current settings

Review Security Templates

Security Templates 

Select a predefined security template or create a new security template to use for your computers

Predefined security templates, Define a new security template 

Perform a security analysis on your local computer.

Analyze system security

Modify security settings

Apply the appropriate template.

To import a security template to a Group Policy object, To apply a security template to local policy

Modifying security settings on your local computer

To edit local security settings

Modifying security settings for a domain or organizational unit.

To edit a security setting on a Group Policy object

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