Internet Connection Sharing settings

When you run the Network Setup Wizard and enable Internet Connection Sharing, certain protocols, services, interfaces, and routes are configured automatically. The following table describes these configured items.

Configured itemAction

IP address

Configured with a subnet mask of on the LAN adapter that is connected to the home or small office network.

Autodial feature


Static default IP route

Created when the dial-up connection is established.

Internet Connection Sharing service


DHCP allocator

Enabled with the default range of and a subnet mask of Unique addresses in the range to are allocated to private network clients.

DNS proxy


Allowing Internet gaming on your network

To run Internet games between computers on your network and computers on the Internet, you must ensure that the Internet game traffic is forwarded by the network devices that are between your network and the Internet. For example:

If the network device between your network and the Internet is a computer running Windows XP and Internet Connection Sharing, you must configure Internet Connection Sharing settings to pass the game traffic. For more information about adding service definitions for Internet Connection Sharing or Internet Connection Firewall, see Add a service definition 

If the network device is a firewall or security gateway, it must be configured to pass the game traffic between your network and the Internet. In this case, contact your network administrator who will identify the specific type of traffic used by the Internet game and configure the firewall to forward the traffic.

If this configuration is not done, Internet game clients on your network will be unable to connect to Internet game servers on the Internet and Internet game clients on the Internet be unable to connect to Internet game servers on your network.



If you are enabling Internet Connection Sharing on a LAN connection, TCP/IP for the LAN interface that is connected to the Internet must be configured with a default gateway. The TCP/IP addressing for this interface may be a static address or dynamic addressing using DHCP. For more information, click Related Topics.

Internet Connection Sharing, Internet Connection Firewall, Discovery and Control, and Network Bridge are not available on Windows XP 64-Bit Edition. 

Internet Connection Sharing overview

Enable Internet Connection Sharing on a network connection

Configure TCP/IP for static addressing

Configure TCP/IP for dynamic addressing

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