To write digital signature information to a log file


Open File Signature Verification


Click Advanced.


On the Logging tab, select the Save the file signature verification results to a log file check box.


Click one of the following:

Append to existing log file: Adds new search results to the end of an existing log file.

Overwrite existing log file: Replaces the existing log file with a new log file.


In Log file name, type a name for the log file.

When you use File Signature Verification to verify that system files are digitally signed, the search results are written to this file.


Click OK, and then click Start.


To start File Signature Verification, click Start, click Run, type sigverif, and then click OK.

If you simply want to overwrite the log file, you can click Start, click Run, type sigverif /defscan, and then click OK.

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