Process counter column headings

On the Processes tab, you can monitor running processes using the following counters, which can be displayed as column headings. To display a process as a column heading, on the View menu, click Select Columns. Select the check boxes that correspond to the processes you want displayed as column headings.

Base Priority 

CPU Time 

CPU Usage 

GDI Objects 

Handle Count 

Image Name 

I/O Other 

I/O Other Bytes 

I/O Reads 

I/O Read Bytes 

I/O Writes 

I/O Write Bytes 

Memory Usage 

Memory Usage Delta 

Nonpaged Pool 

Page Faults 

Page Faults Delta 

Paged Pool 

Peak Memory Usage 

PID (Process Identifier) 

Session ID 

Thread Count 

User Name 

USER Objects 

Virtual Memory Size 

Assign a process to a processor

Change the priority of a running program

Update Task Manager data

End a process with Task Manager

Process counter column headings

Specify process counter column headings

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