File and folder management overview

Every Windows folder provides easy access to common file and folder management tasks. When you open any folder on your computer, a list of hyperlinked tasks is displayed next to the folder contents. You can select a file or folder, and then click a task to rename, copy, move, or delete it. You can also send a file in e-mail or publish it to the Web.

In addition to the basic file and folder tasks provided in all Windows folders, there are several folders that provide links to specialized tasks.

My Pictures and My Music folders provide task links that can help you manage your picture and music files.

In the My Computer folder, you can view and select the drives on your computer, the devices with removable storage, and the files stored on your computer. You can use the task links in this folder to view information about your computer, change system settings using Control Panel, and perform other system management tasks.

Use the Recycle Bin tasks to empty the Recycle Bin or restore deleted files and folders to their original locations. The Recycle Bin is displayed on your desktop


You might need to be a member of the Administrators group to perform certain system management tasks. For more information, click Related Topics.

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