To add audio and video files to Media Library


Do this

Add tracks from a CD

Insert a CD into the CD-ROM drive, click Copy from CD, and then click Copy Music.

Add a file from a computer or Internet site

On the File menu, click Open or Open URL, and then locate the file that you want to add.

Add a file that is currently playing

On the File menu, point to Add to Media Library, and then click Add File or Add URL. Specify the location of the file that you want to add to Media Library. Or, click Media Library, and then click .

Add a pointer to audio and video files on your computer

On the Tools menu, click Search for Media Files, and then click Search. Any files found are listed in Media Library.

To add a file from My Computer

Double-click the file or drag the file to Media Library.


After you add files to Media Library, you can right-click a file to play it (Play), search for information about the album on the Internet (Get Names), search for updated information about the album (Update Names), or view album information (Info).

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