Windows Support Tools

Windows provides numerous support tools for system administrators and support personnel to use in diagnosing and fixing computer problems. Many of these support tools are built into the operating system and can be opened from within Help and Support Center. Additional tools can be downloaded from the Windows CD.

Click the following options for information about some of the more commonly used tools.

Safe mode

If you are unable to start your computer, you may be able to start it in safe mode, which uses default settings and no network connection.

Safe mode startup options

Device Manager

Use Device Manager to view and make changes to your hardware configuration.

Using Device Manager

System Information

Use System Information to view comprehensive information about your hardware, software, and system components.

Using System Information

Performance tool

Performance is actually two tools: System Monitor and Performance Logs and Alerts. Use System Monitor to collect and view information on hardware usage and system-service activity. Performance Logs and Alerts records performance data and enables you to set system alerts.

Using Performance

Registry editor

Configuration information for Windows is stored in a database called the registry. Most settings can be changed through other software, but experienced users might want to edit the registry directly.

Using Regedt.exe and Regedit.exe

Windows Update

Use Windows Update to get online, up-to-date information about product updates and known issues. Includes answers to frequently asked questions.

Using Windows Update

MS-DOS commands

Several MS-DOS commands are useful for monitoring and configuring your computer or network.

Use Ipconfig to display TCP/IP network configuration values.

Use Nbtstat to display protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections.

Use Netsh to configure and monitor Windows using a command-line, scripting interface.

Use Nslookup to display information from domain name system (DNS) name servers.

Use Pathping to determine which routers or links are causing network problems.

Network Monitor

Use Network Monitor to diagnose and troubleshoot network problems. Network Monitor runs on Windows 2000 Server only.

Network Monitor overview

Additional Support Tools on the CD

System administrators may want to download the set of over 40 tools available on the Windows CD. These tools can be used to diagnose and solve problems on individual computers and your network.

Windows Support Tools on the CD

Windows Support Tools on the CD

Install Windows Support Tools

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