User Rights Assignment

This section covers:

Access this computer from the network 

Act as part of the operating system 

Add workstations to domain 

Adjust memory quotas for a process 

Allow logon through terminal services 

Back up files and directories 

Bypass traverse checking 

Change the system time 

Create a pagefile 

Create a token object 

Create permanent shared objects 

Debug programs 

Deny access to this computer from the network 

Deny logon as a batch job 

Deny logon as a service 

Deny logon locally 

Deny logon through Terminal Services 

Enable computer and user accounts to be trusted for delegation 

Force shutdown from a remote system 

Generate security audits 

Increase scheduling priority 

Load and unload device drivers 

Lock pages in memory 

Log on as a batch job 

Log on as a service 

Log on locally 

Manage auditing and security log 

Modify firmware environment values 

Perform volume maintenance tasks 

Profile single process 

Profile system performance 

Remove computer from docking station 

Replace a process level token 

Restore files and directories 

Shut down the system 

Synchronize directory service data 

Take ownership of files or other objects 

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