User profiles overview

A user profile defines customized desktop environments, such as individual display, and network and printer connections settings. You or your system administrator can define your desktop environment.

Types of user profiles include:

A local user profile, which is created the first time you log on to a computer and is stored on the computer's local hard disk Any changes made to your local user profile are specific to the computer on which the changes are made.

A roaming user profile, which is created by your system administrator and is stored on a server This profile is available every time you log on to any computer on the network. Any changes made to your roaming user profile will be updated on the server.

A mandatory user profile, which is a roaming profile that can be used to specify particular settings for individuals or an entire group of users. Only system administrators can make changes to mandatory user profiles.

Copy a user profile

Delete a user profile

Switch between a roaming and local user profile

System Properties overview

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