What's new with digital media

With Windows XP, you can play music, view and print pictures, and copy information to a CD. You can even make movies.

Windows Media Player 8.0

Windows Media Player is a VCR, CD player, and radio combined into one device on your computer. You can listen to radio stations from all over the world, create your own music playlist from your CDs, and even watch DVDs. Windows stores your music in the My Music folder, where you can easily manage your music.

Using Windows Media Player

Digital cameras

Windows XP makes it easy for you to view pictures on a camera and download them to your computer. In the My Pictures folder, you can view your pictures as a slideshow, filmstrip, or as thumbnails.

Managing your pictures

Personal screen saver

Use your own photographs as a slideshow screen saver. Save your digital photographs or scanned pictures in the My Pictures folder, and then click My Pictures Slideshow for your screen saver.

Use personal pictures as a screen saver

Create your own Web site

Use the Web Publishing Wizard to create your own Web site. You can post pictures and other documents to the Web, decide how private you want the site, and then invite your friends to view it.

Using the Web Publishing Wizard

Send your photos in e-mail

You can send a digital photo in e-mail as you would any file. However, with Windows XP you can reduce the size of the photo file, making it easier to send. You can also make the photo image smaller if you want.

Sending a photo in e-mail overview

CD burning

If you have a CD Rewritable (CD-RW) or CD Recordable (CD-R) drive, you can burn photos, music, or data to a CD. That makes it easy to back up information, create your own music CDs, or put together a photo album on a disc.

Copy files and folders to a CD

Windows Movie Maker

Download video from a digital or analog video camera to edit your film. You can also add sound files and even combine still digital pictures.

Using Windows Movie Maker

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