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Help and Support Center is your comprehensive resource for tools and information. Use Search, the Index, or the table of contents to gain access to the extensive online Help system. Get help from an online Microsoft support professional, trade questions and answers with other Windows XP users and experts on Windows newsgroups, or use Remote Assistance to have a friend or co-worker help you.

Tours and articles

Whether you are new to Windows XP or new to computers, take a tour of Windows XP to discover its exciting new features. Then delve more deeply into some of the major features of Windows XP in our new articles. Read about setting up a home network, organizing and sharing your digital photos, playing music on your computer, sharing your files, and customizing your computer.

Tour of Windows XP

Online Help

Windows XP provides extensive help on all the features in your operating system. Navigate through Help topics from the Help and Support Center home page. Click Home or Index on the navigation bar to view the table of contents or index, or type a word or words into the Search box to find what you need.

Remote Assistance

Use Remote Assistance to have a friend or computer expert co-worker walk you through a solution to your computer problem. Just use Windows Real-Time Client to invite an online contact or use e-mail to send a friend an invitation. With your permission, the expert can view your screen or even take control of your computer. All sessions are encrypted and can be password-protected. You can even chat online as you work through the problem.

Requesting help using Remote Assistance

Windows Newsgroups

Join and participate in one of the many Windows XP newsgroups offered by Microsoft. You can trade information and get free advice and answers to your questions from other users like yourself and from Windows XP experts. Newsgroups are easy to join right from Help and Support Center.

Windows newsgroups


Need to find out which modems are compatible with Windows XP? Having trouble running your favorite game? To find compatibility issues information, on the Help and Support Center home page, click Find compatible hardware and software for Windows XP. You can also use the Program Compatibility Wizard to resolve the most common compatibility problems between your programs and Windows XP that might occur after an upgrade.

Getting a program to work on Windows XP

Windows Update

Download the latest updates for Windows XP, other programs on your computer, and your hardware. You can have Windows Update notify you automatically when critical updates become available, or, to check on what is available, on the Help and Support Center home page, click Keep your computer up-to-date with Windows Update.

Keeping Windows up-to-date automatically


Use the many tools in Help and Support Center to find information about your computer and to keep it working efficiently. To display the list of tools, on the Help and Support Center home page, click Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems.

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