What's new for browsing the Internet

Windows XP includes the newest version of MSN Explorer, with its full package of Microsoft services, and the most recent release of Internet Explorer. You also get more control over privacy and security when browsing the Web.

Privacy and security

Internet sites use small files called cookies to keep track of user preferences and information. Internet Explorer 6.0 includes settings that enable you to control the storage of cookies on your computer.

Understanding privacy policies

MSN Explorer

Use MSN Explorer to get the full benefit of Microsoft technologies. Along with Internet Explorer, you get e-mail through Hotmail, messaging with Windows Messenger, and online music and video with Windows Media Player, all in one package.

Using MSN Explorer

Media Bar

Use the Media bar in Internet Explorer to listen to media files and Internet radio stations while you browse the Web. Choose from a wide variety of music and talk radio stations.

Using the Media Bar in Internet Explorer

Windows Messenger

Use Windows Messenger to chat with friends online; send messages to your friends' cell phones or pagers; and share photos, music, and other files.

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