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Windows XP Professional offers many new and more effective features and technologies. Remote Desktop allows you to access your Windows session from another computer, just as if you were in front of your computer. The Search Companion has been enhanced to help you find what you're looking for more quickly. Features like Windows File Protection and System Restore will keep you from accidentally deleting important files, and will return your computer to its previous state if something goes wrong. If you encounter a system or program error, you can send a report to Microsoft, and you can use NetMeeting for virtual meetings with anyone, anywhere. If you use a flat computer screen (like those on portable computers), you can choose to display your screen fonts with ClearType, the latest breakthrough technology in font clarity from Microsoft. Also, the Dualview feature enables you to use a separate monitor with your laptop computer.

Remote Desktop

Want to use your work computer and its resources from home? Need to bring your computer desktop to a colleague's office for some collaboration? Windows XP Professional makes it easy! With Remote Desktop, you can access a Windows session that is running on your computer when you are at another computer. For example, you can connect to your work computer from home and access all of your files, applications, and network resources as if you were in front of your computer at work. You can also view files and documents on your computer's desktop from a co-worker's computer. Remote Desktop also allows more than one user to have active sessions on a single computer, so multiple users can leave their programs running and preserve the state of their Windows session even while others are logged on.

Remote Desktop overview 

Search Companion

Using Windows XP Professional Search Companion, you can search for all types of objects, from pictures, music, and documents, to printers, computers, and people. You can search your own computer, other computers (if you are connected to a network or workgroup), and the Internet. You can also choose to search with the help of an animated screen character.

Search Companion overview

Windows File Protection

Installing software other than the operating system can sometimes be tricky, especially when the new software might replace important operating system files. This can lead to erratic system and program performance, and possibly to the failure of the operating system. Windows File Protection prevents the replacement or removal of protected system files. It runs in the background and protects all the files installed by the Windows setup program.

Windows File Protection overview

System restore

In the event of a system problem, you can restore your computer to a previous state without losing your personal data files (such as documents, Internet favorites, and your e-mail). System Restore monitors changes to your computer, and periodically makes easily identifiable restore points. These restore points allow you to revert your system back to a previous state. You can also create and name your own restore points at any time.

System Restore overview

Error reporting

With Windows XP Professional and an Internet connection, you can report system and program errors to Microsoft. If an error occurs and you choose to report the problem, technical information about the problem is collected and sent to Microsoft over the Internet. If a similar problem has been reported by others, more information may be available to you. The information Microsoft receives is used by programming groups at Microsoft for quality control, and will not be used for tracking individual users for any marketing purposes.

System and program error reporting overview


Now you can have virtual meetings with anyone in the world. With NetMeeting, you can actively participate in discussions, work in shared programs with NetMeeting features like a whiteboard, and share data over the Internet or your corporate intranet. You can also talk to people by using audio, video, or chat.

Using NetMeeting 


Choosing ClearType for your screen fonts makes the words on your computer screen look as smooth as the words on a page. ClearType dramatically improves font resolution, so your existing spreadsheets, word processing documents, and Web pages display with crystal clarity. ClearType is intended for display on flat screen monitors, so it is ideal for portable computers and other flat screen devices. ClearType may appear slightly blurry on desktop computer monitors that do not have a flat screen.

Use ClearType for screen fonts 

Attach a second monitor to your laptop

Wish you had a larger screen with your laptop? With Dualview, you can attach a separate monitor to your laptop and view separate programs on each display. For example, you can read e-mail on your laptop screen while viewing a spreadsheet on a second monitor. Dualview is similar to the multiple-monitor feature, but requires only a single video adapter. Not all video adapters support Dualview.

Multiple monitors overview 

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