Keyboard overview

The keyboard is the primary way of entering text in a computer, although it may be replaced by handwriting and speech recognition programs in the future.

A keyboard does not require adjustments or software settings after you plug it in. It should just work.

However, you can use Keyboard in Control Panel to change some settings. You can adjust the rate at which a character is repeated when you hold down a key, and the time delay before it starts repeating. You can also adjust the blink rate of the insertion point

Most actions you can perform with your mouse can also be performed with your keyboard. For information about keyboard shortcuts in Windows, click Related Topics. See the online Help in individual programs for information about using shortcuts in those programs.

You can switch to a different keyboard layout or enter text in other languages without changing keyboards. However, the key labels may no longer match the characters you are entering. Use Regional and Language Options in Control Panel for changing languages and keyboard layouts.

Adjust the key repeat rate

Adjust the cursor blink rate

Control Panel accessibility options

Accessibility Wizard

Windows keyboard shortcuts overview

Update your keyboard driver

Add another keyboard layout or Input Method Editor (IME)

Input characters that are not on your keyboard

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