To set compatible timer hardware emulation


Open My Computer


Locate the MS-DOS-based program (.exe file), the program information file (.pif), or shortcut you want to change.


Right-click the program file name or shortcut icon, click to Properties, click the Program tab, and then click Advanced.


In the Windows PIF Settings dialog box, select the Compatible timer hardware emulation check box.


To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.

Compatible timer hardware emulation enables MS-DOS-based programs to reduce the rate at which the computer's timer sends timing signals. The faster the processor speed of your computer (200 megahertz (MHz), 300 MHz, and so on), the faster the signals travel between the hardware and the software enabling most Windows-based programs to work more efficiently.

Most MS-DOS-based programs were not originally designed with fast processor speeds in mind. If an MS-DOS-based program sets the rate too high during installation, it might not run. Select this check box only after reviewing the accompanying program documentation. Otherwise, this might degrade the program's performance or affect the program's ability to calculate time.

A shortcut is also known as a program information file, or PIF.

This option might not be available in some MS-DOS programs.

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