To allocate system resources for an MS-DOS-based program and change its idle time


Open My Computer


Locate the MS-DOS-based program (.exe) file, the program information file (PIF), or shortcut you want to change. Please refer to the documentation that came with the program for the actual file name.


Right-click the icon, and then click Properties.


In Properties, click the Misc tab.


Adjust the Idle sensitivity slider as follows:

To give a background program more resources, move the slider toward Low.

To give a background program fewer resources, move the slider toward High.


To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.

You can specify how long an MS-DOS-based program will remain idle before reducing its computer resource allocation so that other programs can use the resources.

This option might not be available in some MS-DOS-based programs.

Creating a program information file (PIF) for an MS-DOS-based program creates a shortcut to the program executable. All the settings saved in the PIF file are contained in the shortcut.

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