To copy and paste MS-DOS text using the mouse


Open Command Prompt 


Right-click the title bar of the command prompt window, and then click Properties.


On the Options tab, under Edit Options, select the QuickEdit Mode check box if it isn't already selected, and then click OK.


In the Apply Properties To Shortcut dialog box, click either of the following:

Apply properties to current window only to use QuickEdit mode in the current window.

Modify shortcut that started this window to apply QuickEdit mode every time you start the MS-DOS-based program.

Click OK.


Click and drag the mouse pointer over the text you want to copy in the command prompt window.


Position the cursor where you want the text to be inserted, and then do either of the following:

In an MS-DOS-based program, right-click the title bar, click Edit, and then click Paste.

In a Windows-based program, click the Edit menu, and then click Paste.


To open command prompt, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt

QuickEdit mode is not available in all MS-DOS-based programs.

You cannot paste text into a command prompt window or MS-DOS-based program when it is running in a full screen.

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