Fonts overview

Fonts are used to display text on the screen and in print. In Windows, a font is the name of a typeface Fonts have styles, such as italic, bold, and bold italic.

Windows provides three basic font technologies:

Outline fonts

TrueType and OpenType fonts are outline fonts that are rendered from line and curve commands. OpenType is an extension of TrueType. Both can be scaled and rotated. Both look good in all sizes and on all output devices supported by Windows.

Windows provides a selection of OpenType fonts, including Arial, Courier New, Lucida Console, Times New Roman, Symbol, and Wingdings.

Type 1, by Adobe Systems, Inc., is an outline font that is designed to work with PostScript printers. The outlines can be scaled and rotated. With OpenType technology, Windows fully supports Type 1 fonts.

Vector fonts

Vector fonts are supported because a number of programs still depend on them.

Vector fonts are rendered from a mathematical model. They are used primarily with plotters Windows supports three vector fonts: Modern, Roman, and Script.

Raster fonts

Raster fonts are supported because a number of programs still depend on them.

Raster fonts are stored in files as bitmap images and are created by displaying a series of dots on the screen and on paper.

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