To view pictures as a filmstrip


Open My Pictures


On the View menu, click Filmstrip.

You can use the filmstrip toolbar buttons to select the previous and next pictures in the filmstrip or work with the selected picture. The following table describes these buttons.

Click this buttonCalledTo do thisOr, press these keyboard keys

Previous image

Go to the previous page in this folder. If you are viewing the first image in the folder, this button is inactive.


Next image

Go to the next page in this folder.


Rotate clockwise

Rotate the image by 90 degrees clockwise.


Rotate counter-clockwise

Rotate the image by 90 degrees counter-clockwise.



To open My Pictures, click Start, and then click My Pictures

Click a picture to select it. Double-click a picture to see a preview of it in the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

You can view your pictures as a filmstrip in any My Pictures subfolder or any folder customized as a pictures folder.

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