To download Windows Script Host samples


In the navigation pane of the Microsoft Windows Script Technologies Web site, click Windows Script Host.


On the Overview menu, click Samples.


On the Samples page, click Download. The File Download dialog box appears.


In the File Download dialog box, click OK. The Save As dialog box appears.


In the Save As dialog box, either create a new folder or navigate to the folder where you want to save the samples, and then click Save. A file called Samples.exe is downloaded to your folder.


Navigate to your Samples folder, and double-click the file Samples.exe. The WinZip Self-Extractor dialog box appears.


In Unzip to Folder, enter the path name of your Samples folder. Click Unzip to extract the contents of Samples.exe.



Your Samples folder contains several JScript and VBScript files (you can delete Samples.exe). Your folder also includes Readme.doc, which contains information about the sample scripts.

You can examine and edit a script's code by right-clicking the script file in Windows Explorer and then clicking Edit.

You can run a script by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer.

Run Windows Script Host samples

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