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Secure Startup - Full Volume Encryption

Published: May 3, 2005

Hardware-based Security for the Longhorn Client

Secure Startup is a hardware-based security feature that addresses the growing concern for better data protection. The feature uses a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 to protect user data and to ensure that a computer running Longhorn has not been tampered with while the system was offline. Secure Startup provides both mobile and office enterprise information workers with more data protection when systems are lost or stolen.

Secure Startup protects data by preventing unauthorized users from breaking Windows file and system protection on lost or stolen computers. This protection is achieved by encrypting the entire Windows volume. With full volume encryption, all user and system files are encrypted.

Secure Startup is transparent to the user and is easy to deploy and manage. When a system is compromised, Secure Startup has a simple and efficient recovery process.

Secure Startup provides the following values:

Ensures Boot Integrity:

Resilient to Attack—Protects the system from offline software-based attacks.

Locks System When Tampered With—If any monitored files are tampered with, the system will not boot which alerts the user to the tampering.

Protects Data While the System is Offline:

Encrypts User Data and System Files—All data on the Windows volume is encrypted. This includes the user data, system files, hibernation file, page file and temporary files.

Provides Umbrella Protection for Third Party Applications—Third-party applications benefit automatically when installed on an encrypted volume.

Eases Equipment Recycling:

Simplifies the Recycling Process—Data on the encrypted volume can be rendered useless by deleting the TPM key store.

Speeds Data Deletion—Erasing data takes seconds instead of hours.

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