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Step 2: Performing the Software Inventory

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Create a Software Inventory Database

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Step 2: Performing the Software Inventory
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It's important to store all software information in a single location, either in a spreadsheet or in a database.

This spreadsheet or database should also be able to accommodate license information. In addition, your customer should be able to easily enter in new software acquisition information or make changes to the inventory if a workstation is retired.

The database (or spreadsheet) should capture the following information:

Software Information

  • Software Title
  • Version
  • Manufacturer
  • Number of Installs

This information should link to a user record for each employee, so at all times your customer can determine the total number of installations and which employees have the software installed on their workstations.

License Information

  • Software Title
  • Version
  • Number of licenses per each licensing method (OEM, Retail, or Volume Licensing program)

The license information should be related to the software title.

Service Idea

If your customer prefers to use a database, you may also suggest creating a secure, online interface that your customer’s IT staff can use to enter information for new software titles as they are received and installed. If creating an interface, make sure to design a tool that will be easy and intuitive for employees to use. If it’s not easy, employees will not likely use the tool and your customer’s software and license inventories will quickly become out-of-date.

Downloadable Documents

Software Inventory Report Template
Compile all of the information from individual workstations and SAM Tool reports into a single spreadsheet like this template, or enter the information into a database.
XLS (15 KB)

The Software Inventory
Use these guidelines when talking with your customer about the software inventory.
DOC (30 KB) | PDF (75 KB)

SAM Checklist
Use this checklist to mark off each SAM step you complete with your customer.
DOC (47 KB) | PDF (60 KB)

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