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Step 5: Creating an Ongoing SAM Plan

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Create a Baseline

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Step 5: Creating a SAM Plan
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So far you've

  • Performed a software inventory
  • Matched license documentation to installed software
  • And reviewed and updated SAM-related documentation

Before you move forward, it’s important to create a solid baseline for your customer’s SAM plan.

Standardize Software Titles

Standardizing titles company-wide can save your customer money by reducing the support time needed to keep on top of many different software titles.

You can help your customer by making recommendations as to which titles should be standardized. Help your customer take advantage of volume license discounts where possible. Remember to update the software inventory and license documentation spreadsheet or database with any changes.

Retire obsolete workstations and software

Most companies use one of two main techniques to determine if a workstation and/or software should be retired:

  • By minimum requirements – the computer must be able to efficiently run a given set of software programs or met specific minimum requirements
  • By date - workstations are retired after a given time period (for example, after three years)

If your customer does not have such guidelines, help determine which method will work best for them. Once the guidelines are set, determine which workstations and software titles should be retired.

After retiring workstations, they may be sold to employees at reduced cost or donated to non-profit or charitable organizations.

Downloadable Documents

Software and Hardware Spreadsheet
Help your customer get organized by listing where the company's software and hardware assets are located.
XLS (16 KB)

Software and Hardware Map
Create a map to show where your customer's hardware and software is located.
VSD (246 KB)

Establishing a SAM Plan
Discuss an ongoing SAM Plan with your customer — use this script as a guideline for your conversation.
DOC (29 KB) | PDF (66 KB)

SAM Checklist
Use this checklist to mark off each SAM step you and your customer complete.
PDF (60 KB)

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