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Software Asset Management (SAM) 

General Information

Number of desktops PCs:
Number of laptop PCs:

Existing SAM implementation:

How do you track initial software installations?
How do you conduct on-going inventories of the software installed on employees' computers?
Does your company have a software use policy?
Who purchases the software for your company?
Who do you acquire your software and licenses from?
When your company gets new software, what happens to the media and license documentation?
How many different software titles does your company use as a whole?
Does your company have one office, or many different offices?
What level of support do you have within your organization for SAM?
Is there someone allocated in the organization to identify and assess risks with your SAM program?
Do you have an up-to-date inventory of existing licenses?
How do you perform software installations in general?
Do you have a licensing expert on staff or available for consulting?

Organizational Complexity

How could SAM be implemented in your company based on its size and budgetary constraints?
IT Budget:
Resource Availability:

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