Imagine Cup 2017

Romanian National Finals. April 14th. April 27th

Hey there, good to meet you and thanks for your interest in our competition :-)

Before you go any further, you need to know that Microsoft Romania will host the Imagine Cup National Finals on 27th of April, at Microsoft HQ in Bucharest. Submission deadline for projects is 14th of April and on the 20th we’ll announce the finalists on our Facebook Event Page. We are keeping this page in English as we might have competitors that are not native Romanians, but feel free to upload your project or presentations in Romanian if that works better for you.

Keep in mind you’ll find the latest news and announcements on the Facebook Event Page. If you should have any questions, feel free to write us at

So, let’s get going! Below you’ll see how you can simply submit your project and register for the Imagine Cup competition: