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Descărcări de software: LifeChat LX-3000
LifeChat 1.4 (numai versiunea pe 32 de biţi) ... (132 KB pdf) Descărcare. Fişă de date tehnice (Engleză) (195 KB xps) Descărcare. Garanţie (pdf) Descărcare.
Descărcări de software: LifeChat LX-2000
LifeChat LX-2000. Informaţii despre achiziţionare. Manuale. Limba: ... Fişă de date tehnice (Engleză) (234 KB xps) Descărcare. Produse corelate. LifeChat LX-3000.
Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 headset mic has stopped working
Earlier today I was playing a game while connected to a Ventrillo server, and talking using my MS Lifechat LX-3000. It has been working perfectly for several months.
Microsoft LifeChat LX 3000 mic problem
Find your Lifechat software here: ... If the issue persists, you can refer to the following KB article: Enable sound recording for your LifeChat headset.
Microsoft LifeChat LX 3000 Audio issue - Microsoft Community
Hi there, i just bought the headset Microsoft LifeChat LX 3000, but i have a problem. I already installed the driver of the headset, but when i try to use ...
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