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Job highlights

  • In-depth training meant to improve technical skills and language skills and to help learning new technologies to cover as much areas as possible from the ones enumerated in the right
  • Reproduce the context in which the customer issue appears by taking advantage of the exposure to Microsoft technologies and the access to emerging products and technologies, but also develop if needed, small applications/scripts, useful to test the code provided by our customers and to find custom technical solutions for the errors indicated by the user
  • Wide public exposure and ability to create a strong reputation with hundreds of thousands of customers.

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Community and Online Support - Forum business

Forum support is a part of Community & Online Support Solutions (COSS) framework focused on creating a consistent and integrated on-line experience for customers by offering solutions to their issues on our forums. Forum Microsoft Support engineers are responsible for delivering support for French, German or Italian speaking Microsoft Forum community users, across Europe. They also produce and publish content in form of FAQs, webcasts and screencasts as part of the self-help support services provided on the forums and try to attract new specialists on the forums in order to enlarge the list of experts (MVPs) which are helping in providing fast and correct answers tour customers.

Products we support

The products we support cover both developer products but also enterprise communication products, enterprise office server and enterprise platforms but also new technologies like cloud computing products (Azure, BPOS, Office 365) or Windows Phone 7.

Customers we partner with

In GBS Romania, we reach the online developers and IT Pros audience present on MSDN and TechNet forums in German, French and Italian language. The MSDN forums offer support for questions covering a wide range of Microsoft technologies used for developing applications, while the TechNet forums focus on providing answers to technical questions about using, managing and configuring Microsoft products. The range of customers that benefit from our services goes from home users, system administrators, CIOs and IT Pro consultants tstudents, hobby developers and professional developers.

Technical Qualifications

  • MSDN profile: Working knowledge of programming and troubleshooting (+2 years) in at least 2 out of 4 of these technologies:
    • Development Languages: C#; VB.NET; C++
    • .NET-Framework
    • Visual Studio (VSTO)
    • MVC
  • TechNet profile:
    • Working knowledge of administration and troubleshooting (+3 years) with the following technologies: Windows Server; Exchange Server ; Windows Client management
    • Networking knowledge
    • Previous experience in Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
    • Database Know how (MS SQL2000 / SQL2005)
    • Virtualization - Hyper-V

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