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Testimonials: Former Interns, Current Employees

Andrei – Currently Support Engineer, attended Internship in March 2011

There are a few words that come into my mind when I make a step back and look over what happened during the Internship: great people, high values, great expectations, many things to learn, fun.

I came ready to discover a suitable working environment for me and I discovered beyond that, a place with great potential. You have at your disposal anything you could think of and you have to be ready to take advantage of everything.

It doesn’t change your way of being, it doesn’t make you who you are not but it definitely makes you feel things you never experienced before, things that exists for sure only in Microsoft.

At the end of the day I know exactly what I want next and my passion is to get it done! And I’m always looking further!

Diana– Currently Support Engineer, attended Internship in Autumn 2010

Finding out that I had been accepted in the Internship Program at Microsoft made me feel very excited and I couldn’t wait for the program to start. I had attended other internship programs before, but this time I was really curious. I was expecting something interesting, a time that I would remember. But I was not even close… It’s more than one could ever imagine, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. After spending all that time at school, just studying and most of the times not really understanding what everything meant, I came to Microsoft. There had been a long time since I had learned as much as I have learned during this month at Microsoft.

The internship at Microsoft helped me develop not only as a person, but also as a professional. At the same time I got to meet great people, with passion for their work and for technology. From my point of view, the main goal of the internship is your self-development and a better knowledge of the kind of person that you are. When I first came here, I was not sure what kind of a career I wanted or what suited me best. Technical, management, how could I know? I had never really seen or stayed that close to a professional so that I could really have an opinion and nobody had the patience to sit by my side and answer all of my questions.

But the answers were waiting for me at Microsoft. After spending one month with my “buddy”, who is a good professional and a wonderful person, I understood what a Support Engineer’s job really meant. I understood that here you could develop in whatever way you wanted, because you drive your own career.

One month after I finished the internship, I started working as a support engineer for Microsoft. The fact that I was in the last year of college didn’t turn out to be a problem. I was helped and supported, so that I could finish my studies. Moreover, I am now part of the MACH community, which is a program specially developed for students or graduates who have just finished college. You have the incredible opportunity to meet great people, with an amazing perspective on life and on the job that they do, and who are an inspiration for us all.

But what is most important for me is that I belong to a great team, I like my job and there is not even one day when I wake up and I am not excited about going to work. Every day is a challenge and I can’t wait to face it

Laura – Currently Support Engineer, attended Internship in March 2011

The Internship Program with Microsoft was one of the best work experiences I had. I couldn’t tell what I was expecting at the beginning, but I was hoping to learn a lot. During this month I met my colleagues in the Program and we were all building a team of 14 people.

Maybe at the beginning I thought that I would have to learn a lot about technologies and the technical side of Microsoft. But it turned out that other things were more important for the Internship. I was focused on knowing people, being a team and most important I understood how the company works. The values, the cornerstones, the employees, everything inside the company was revealed to us and at the end of the Internship I had a great picture of what working in Microsoft actually means.

I had a wonderful time, I learned many things and I also had fun.

Sabina– Currently Technical Lead, attended Internship in February 2008

The Internship program was for me a window to the Microsoft world. I had one month to look through that window, understand what happens inside and do my best to prove that I deserve to go in.

I am now part of the Microsoft team for almost 3 years and this has been a challenging journey. Started out in Outlook support, followed by Exchange support and now I am a Technical Lead in the Cloud.

What I particularly love about working for Microsoft is that there is always something new, always something challenging and opportunities await at every corner. And with passion and determination, you can find unlimited possibilities to change a job into a career and a day's work into an incredible experience.

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