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Microsoft GBS România

Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL platforms are the most popular and the most powerful development platforms around today. The team works with the smartest and the most creative minds in the field of software development. It comprises of extremely diverse and the most complex portfolio of technologies in the Developer Space.

Technologies we support

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Microsoft Visual C#Microsoft Visual C ++

Microsoft Visual Basic Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Critical Exposure areas

  • Microsoft SQL Server, C/C++, Win32 Programming and Windows OS knowledge.
  • MFC, COM & ATL, debugging.
  • Exposure to managed code (.Net and C#/VB.NET)
  • UNIX certification/Administration …Experience in NFS, NIS, AD, UNIX, Windows, TCP/IP, Ethernet
  • Solid understanding of the Windows OS fundamentals, Threads & processes and DLLs & Libraries
  • Basic idea on developer tools like compilers, linkers, debuggers etc
  • Visual Studio IDE and its uses like as a debugger, etc.

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