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Enterprise Office Server - SharePoint Support

SharePoint Support team provides business-critical support to enterprise customers and partners across nearly 40 products and technologies broken out into SharePoint Server, Project Server, Fast Search, . This team supports customers across EMEA.

Profile of Customers:

The customers that this team interacts with is broad ranging from end-users to ISV's to Enterprise corporations utilizing our products as a part of their custom solutions and IT Professionals deploying our products, solutions and technologies.

Critical Exposure Areas

  • SharePoint Server- SharePoint, Active Directory services and IIS, Networking, SQL
  • SPS-Dev- Developer tools, C, C++,C#, , VB Scripting or Coding, Asp.Net, knowledge of Sharepoint and Content Management Server
  • Project Server- Project Server, Active Directory services and IIS, Networking, SQL
  • Outlook- Outlook, windows server (2003 and above) platforms and business applications, Active Directory
  • VSOD- C, C++, VC++, Win 32, .Net skills, Component Object Model, VB, Office related applications
  • Developer messaging- Messaging API’s, MAPI, .Net Technologies (VB.Net / C#), VB Script, C++, Exchange web services, Outlook Object Model

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