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Testimonials: Former Interns

Alina – Internship in March 2011

When hearing about the Internship at Microsoft, even though very excited, I was still skeptical about its success. My concern was mostly aimed at whether I would find my place in such a corporation and even more if I could rise to the expectations of this dynamic and challenging working environment. Much to my surprise, everyone ranging from supporting staff to upper management has been extremely helpful and constructive in assuring that the Interns’ experience would be enriching and educational. Both my Manager and Intern Buddy provided me with insightful guidance, which allowed me to make the best of the Internship.

In my opinion, a successful Internship is mostly defined by the structure that is put in place. The lack of a highly organized agenda will inevitably turn the program into a disappointment for both parties. The Internship at Microsoft proved to have a well thought out structure, clear plans and gave me a sincere overall feeling that I really was a part of the company. Not only did the day-to-day work keep me busy and fully immersed in the business, but the program itself was a rewarding one month experience. At the same time, it also provided exposure to a number of Microsoft executives and the opportunity to be part of discussions covering subjects from Microsoft’s business culture to cutting-edge technologies. Finally, the team project in which I was involved did pose a series of challenges but looking back I will always remember the fun and enthusiasm that we all brought to the table in order to make it the best possible.

Overall, this Internship exceeded my expectations. It has been an amazing 5 weeks during which I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible mentors as well as great colleagues from several Universities across the country. Adding this to the great learning opportunity leads me to conclude that I could not have asked for a better experience.

Corina – Internship in March 2011

When starting an internship at Microsoft you somehow expect to spend your next month feeling very small. From the first day I have realized, however, that I am not just going to watch the functioning of a work environment, but truly experience the most of it.

I was constantly pleasantly surprised by the dedication and professional approach of the team committed to turn each individual internship into an authentic Microsoft experience, not by bragging about how things are done in Microsoft, but by designing relevant scenarios and activities (group projects, mock cases, shadowing, technical trainings, etc) while encouraging and, at the same time displaying attitudes such as constant feedback, collaboration, customer focus and a natural interaction between employees.

The flexibility of the program and the ownership that we were given over our learning processes allowed us to contribute to the design of our individual Microsoft experience by exploring a multitude of technologies and roles in the company, to gather an incredible amount of knowledge and broaden our understanding both of the IT field and of the career opportunities in Microsoft. This is how we understood that what Microsoft is looking for is not mere background, but inner potential and the attitude to turn it into a successful career.

Therefore I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this incredible experience, who have invested time and dedication into fostering it, and who have let us turn the whole company into our playground for an entire month.

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