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MsClubRo: the missing piece!

Feedback makes everybody see the things better and clearer. That is why, listening to the voice of engineers, MsCLubRo was created.

MsClubRo is an after-work program that invites engineers to take part in fun activities, contests and challenges.

The rule is simple: one event every month.

The events covered so far a vast area of activities: from ping pong competition, photography workshop, charity, board game night to playing kinect or organizing a “lan” party.

The results can be easily seen: increase of energy, passion, engagement at site level.

MsClubRo exists for and thanks to the people from GBS. There are willing to collaborate, to know better the people around them, to increase the team spirit level, to have fun, challenges, made MsClubRo come to life.

Is the PERFFECT place TO BE and to make things happen!

The first event was a Ping Pong contest , a real success, due to the large participation, to the adrenalin that raised up in the air, to the people having fun and the joy to enjoy being with the colleagues around you.

Under the umbrella make someone feel loved, the MS Club together with the colleagues from the Sub, have organized in December a Charity Event. Once again, in names of the children, a BIG thank you to those who were involved!

Make Someone Smile

Photography Workshop No matter how advanced your camera is, you still need to be responsible for getting it to the right place at the right time and pointing it in the right direction to get the photo you want. Ken Rockwell

February came with a great novelty. KINECT was introduced and we had fun and discovered together the ADVENTURES.

As technology addicts we could not miss having a LAN PARTY. So we choose a free online game and the battle began! I can confirm there were a lot of “victims”. The interesting aspect was that the engineers working from home had also the opportunity to join.

We could not miss the opportunity for a classical board games night. So the next event encouraged engineers to leave the keyboards and grab the cards, dice, and pons and start building villages, solve crimes or conquer worlds.


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