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Internship at Microsoft GBS – students or fresh graduates

Identifying and acquiring the best talent is the key to our business success. We need the best people to build our products, customize them to client needs and ensure those clients are supported as they deploy and utilize our range of software and services.

A first step in Talent Acquisition for Microsoft is the Internship Program, targeting technical students and graduates.

We like to stay well-connected to our graduate community, so you will often see us at universities or Graduate Job Fairs during the year. We do this because graduates entering the workplace are the very people who will shape the IT industry and Microsoft's future direction. As you enter the IT industry workforce for the first time, you may like to consider Microsoft Internship - where you will be given the opportunity to learn, to gain insight, to have fun and, most importantly, get hands-on experience solving real problems on real projects.

The profile we are looking for

The Internship Program is addressed to students in technical universities, fluent in German or French, who want to learn more about Microsoft technologies, company culture and also to understand the role of Technical Support Engineer, by shadowing our Experts in solving high complexity technical cases.

At Microsoft, we are looking for committed people with initiative and drive. Our Internship applicants should have a genuine passion for technology, analytical thinking, good communication skills and be team players. Passion is the common ingredient which identifies all our people, and if you’ve got it, then whatever your particular skills are, we’ll find the perfect home for them!

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Internship Program... When?

The overall Internship Program will last one month. We intend to give such opportunity to students and graduates two times per year.

We organize 2 Internship programs during the year: one in Autumn and one in Spring. We are very flexible around time off for exams, holidays and graduation ceremonies! This is a great way for you to make friends with the other Interns and be a part of the Intern team community - a network that you will foster and retain throughout your career. We advertise our Internships on this web site so just log on every now and then and keep updated with the new opportunities.

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For whom are the Internships best suited?

Microsoft Internships are best suited to fresh graduates or final year students at technical universities who are fluent in English and German or French. We are seeking the next generation of talent, and hoping to provide great development for you in your specific area of interest and in your overall knowledge of how to work in a large global environment. Typically, our Interns have not had significant work experience elsewhere: the program is designed as a career launch pad into the industry.

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What will I do as an Intern?

As an Intern you will have the opportunity to attend specific IT trainings and to shadow our Technical Experts in solving high complexity technical cases for our customers. You will also attend soft skills trainings, focusing on customer communication and customer satisfaction.

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What are the Internship Highlights and Benefits?

This is a great way to broaden overall experience and knowledge - and Microsoft is always keen to speak with ex-Interns who have an ongoing interest in joining the company.

Some other highlights:

  • Trainings and courses about emerging technologies
  • Access to the best technology resources
  • Accommodation in student campus for candidates from outside Bucharest
  • Opportunity to work at Microsoft as Junior Technical Engineer
  • Remuneration
  • MCP voucher(s)

See here what former Interns have to say about their experience in this program.

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Am I guaranteed a job at the end of my Internship?

If an appropriate position is available when you complete your Internship, you are encouraged to apply for it. Many people attending our Internship Program were hired after 3-6 months, considering both the openings they suited best and their hiring availability. See some of their testimonials here.

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How can you apply for Internship Program?

It is best if you apply for the Internship Program by visiting this link and applying directly on the Microsoft career site.

We just need to see a CV that includes the following: career objective, studies, projects, known foreign languages and what level, main areas of interest. You are welcome to send a traditional CV or capitalize on your creativity!

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