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When you are at that place in your career where you want to test your boundaries, reach out for more and have a passion for technology driving you, then Microsoft GBS is the place for you. Being a technical pro at what you do is what we look for. Providing further product knowledge and expertise is something Microsoft GBS does on a regular basis to facilitate your future.

Our engineers are in the unique position of connecting people with technology. Help Customers Today; Shape the Technology of Tomorrow.

Microsoft Romania GBS delivers exceptional product assistance to Microsoft customers around the globe. Our teams endeavor to empower a wide range of customers and even large-enterprise systems administrators. They also use their connection to the customer to capture the product feedback needed by Microsoft's development teams when designing new products and services. In this way, the GBS is not only a vehicle for empowering customers, but also a catalyst for innovation.

Microsoft Romania GBS enables our customers do their very best today and helps shape the emerging technologies of tomorrow. You can be a part of GBS by being a member of a team as a Support Engineer, Support Escalation Engineer, Escalation Engineer and Technical Lead or as a Support Manager across any of the varied products and technologies we support.

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