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Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit - Ikinyarwanda - Rwanda

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      Customize your 404 error pages with the Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit

      For large web sites with extensive amounts of content, 2 to 10 percent of traffic is looking for pages that either don’t exist or have been moved. Most web servers return a generic 404 error page or a sitemap when a user’s desired page cannot be found. These unhelpful pages often result in a dead end for users.

      With the re-architected, easily deployed Web Page Error Toolkit, you can create dynamic 404 pages that contain customized error messages along with search results seeded with relevant keywords to help your users move past the missing page and find the information they need.

      The Toolkit is a customizable ASP.net application that replaces the default error page on your IIS server. The process works as follows:
      1. A user's browser sends a request for a page that no longer exists at the request URL.
      2. Your server identifies a 404 and executes the Toolkit.
      3. Toolkit extracts keywords and renders them back to the user's browser.
      4. User's browser sends a request to Bing API.
      5. Bing API returns appropriate results to user's browser.
      6. User's browser renders results in the context of the page that you have customized.

      The Toolkit enables you to use the Bing API to return results for the specified domain and locale, control the number of results returned on your page, choose whether to offer spelling corrections, and customize your error message.

      You also have the option of choosing from several keyword extraction strategies that are included with the install, or providing your own implementation.
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    Windows 2000; Windows 7; Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP

      IIS 5 or greater
      ASP.net 2.0 or greater

      VS 2005 or greater to customize the keyword extractor
    • To use the application you need to either add the <AppSettings> section contained in the file web.config.merge into your web.config for the root application of your site or rename web.config.merge to web.config

      You also need also to register for a Live Search API AppID at http://www.bing.com/developers/appids.aspx and use your AppID as the value for the application parameter.

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