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Managing software across an entire organization can be complex. Customers often struggle with questions such as:

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As new computing trends bring changes to IT roadmaps, SAM can help ensure your licensing is optimized so you can take full advantage of the benefits these trends provide. As virtual, hosted and cloud based solutions become more common, customers considering transitioning some or all of their IT infrastructure to these solutions will need SAM to effectively evaluate and execute optimal transition paths. SAM will also help to ensure transition plans include a clear understanding of any impact such changes may have on how customers license and manage IT environments, while also listing budgetary and reporting requirements.

Clearly then SAM is an essential element to capturing the upside to today's IT trends. For many customers, however, it can be difficult to analyze the effectiveness of your current SAM practices as a key first step on the road to transition.. And, without a clear, compelling business justification up front it's difficult to gain the necessary support required to dedicate resources to perform such a baseline analysis, let alone implement needed changes.

How SAM Services can help

Through the new SAM Services program, Microsoft works with our Gold SAM Competency partners to make proactive SAM assistance available to customers around the world. The SAM Services program offers customized consulting, tools, and resources through these highly trained, qualified partners who can help give you a head start on building best practices for your software asset management.

Download the SAM Services Flyer

These SAM engagements will highlight how you can improve your visibility and the control of your software use through process improvements, deployment and adoption of products that are commonly covered by existing licensing agreements, plans for any changes to asset management, budgeting needed to transition to cloud-based or virtual solutions, and, ultimately, demonstrating the value and benefits of a SAM solution. The SAM Services engagement types include:

  • SAM Baseline: (Download the SAM Baseline Flyer) This engagement provides an organization with an inventory of deployed Microsoft assets, a review of Microsoft licensing entitlements, and the identification of any over- or under-licensed assets. Through this engagement, partners can provide suggestions for license optimization as well as help analyze how you can take advantage of new computing trends to your maximum benefit.

  • SAM Assessment: (Download the SAM Assessment Flyer) This engagement helps measure the maturity of your existing SAM practice in 10 key areas, which are aligned with the ISO 19770-1:2006 standard for Software Asset Management. The SAM Assessment will provide you with a customized report that details your organization's existing SAM processes against the SAM Optimization Model framework, identifying opportunities for you to lower costs, reduce risk, and maximize ROI. Coming this summer, new content to reflect the recent updates to the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 standard. These updates will identify your current SAM implementation level based on the tiers identified in the updated standard.

  • SAM Deployment Planning: (Download the SAM Deployment Planning Flyer) This service provides deployment planning for SAM capabilities related to deployment, metering, inventory, and control through a proof of concept by using System Center, Windows Intune, or MAP. Check our website for information on these SAM tools. Coming this summer, new content to enable support for customer adoption of ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 Software Identification (SWID) Tags.

Additional information and details behind the three different SAM Service engagement types will be available over the coming days and weeks, so please check back soon for more information, talk with your Microsoft Account Manager, or contact a Gold SAM Competency partner near you for more information.