Intelligent Asset Manager 2018

We have re-imagined the way SAM Engagements can bring value to our Customers. To help our customers maximize value, minimize risks and achieve more with their IT investments, we have introduced the Intelligent Asset Manager 2018, or simply, IAM 2018. IAM2018 is delivered in partnership with the leading SAM Tool providers to help customers experience the benefit of managing their IT assets actively and systemically. It is a SAM data and analysis platform that ensures Partners performing SAM engagements have a standardized process and workflow that ensures data quality, privacy and security controls are adhered to.

IAM2018 consists of two main components:

1.   Universal Inventory:
The core output of IAM’s Universal Inventory (UI) is a standardized, centralized, de-duplicated view of a Customer’s IT infrastructure. This uniquely valuable data can then be used to deliver a variety of valuable insights to the customer, ranging from cybersecurity basics through infrastructure optimization to licensing efficiency.
2.   IAM Cloud:
This cloud platform can receive data from UI through a Clean Inventory Data Contract (CIDC) and return meaningful insights or, if explicitly requested, combine it with entitlement data to create and Effective Licensing Position (ELP).
Watch the video below to learn more about IAM 2018!

With IAM 2018 we are breaking down the boundaries between Inventory data and customer value by delivering the Universal Inventory capability (UI).

UI is the engine that creates a single, universal inventory file from a growing number of inventory tools. It ensures the data is de-duplicated and normalized. Once that dataset is created it can be transmitted to the IAM Cloud for analysis. UI is provided as a Windows Desktop Application to be installed in the customer’s environment. In the video below, you will be able to learn more about the overall use of UI!

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To deliver the value of IAM2018 to our partners and customers, we are partnering with SAM tool providers to ensure seamless and safe handling of data. IAM2018 ships with native support for a variety of data sources including MAP Toolkit, System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory. In addition, the following partners’ applications are compatible with IAM2018 at launch:

Inventory Providers:

Micro Focus
Micro Focus
SAM Live
Snow Software

Analysis and Visualization:


Please visit these partners websites, by clicking on their logo above, to learn more about their compatibility with IAM2018 including version/edition requirements and instructions for connecting their applications with IAM2018.

If you have an Inventory tool you would like to make compatible with IAM2018 or you are considering developing analysis and visualization capabilities for data within the Universal Inventory, click here for more information.

A Microsoft SAM Engagement using IAM should follow the process below.

Be aware that the Universal Inventory platform can also be used independently, since no data is shared with Microsoft through the Universal Inventory, unless the Partner/Customer agrees to it. However, to satisfy the program needs for a Microsoft SAM Engagement such as EDP completion, data needs to be transmitted to the IAM Cloud.

SAM Engagement with IAM 2018 Process

1 We strongly suggest the review of the “Best Practices for Quality Inventory Collection” section on the IAM 2018 User Guide to ensure consistent quality data of the customers’ environments. For now, IAM 2018 does not enforce the minimum quality standards but this will be implemented in a near future.

2 If you are a SAM Partner who used to work with the WorkSpace Platform, WorkSpace Companion App (WCA) and Step 1, please be aware that starting on May 1st all CIDC will need to be created through Universal Inventory and the current platform will only be available up until June 30th. For any currently open jobs on WCA that you would like to finish, please access on WCA retirement plan for more information on how to migrate to the new platform.

3 Only at this stage is when Customers’ data is shared with Microsoft, only Microsoft-related licensing deployment data is shared.

If you are a Tool or Service Vendor that provides a solution for either collecting inventory and/or providing data-based value analysis and would like to be integrated with the Universal Inventory standard – this is your chance! See below how it works:

Becoming IAM Compatible Process

Go to the Training and Readiness Material tab and download the Universal Inventory ISV Onboarding Guide for more detailed information.

Centralized ELP Service

The Centralized ELP Service (ELP stands for Effective Licensing Position) supports the ongoing SAM business transformation by enabling SAM Partners’ greater focus on customer value. It can save our Partners considerable time and effort by having the complex product-to-license (ELP) assignment work completed for the SAM Partner with high accuracy and quality through a Microsoft Service Desk. The ELP provided is a Microsoft-validated position of the Customer’s effective licensing.

SAM Partner, be a part of the Centralized ELP Service: You will be able to scale your engagement capacity and accommodate more time to focus on delivering increased value to your Customers!

To learn how to participate, download the IAM 2018 User Guide on the Training and Readiness Material tab.

We have both self-serve and assisted training content available. For those who are comfortable learning on their own, we have a library of video and text documentation available below.

For those who prefer the experience of working with a trainer to learn, the following partners have been certified as “Universal Inventory” trainers and can offer guided training:

SAM Live

Self-serve learning content

Video Trainings for End-to-end SAM Engagement using IAM 2018

Training Session #1: Best Practices for Quality Inventory Collection Training Session #2: Installing Universal Inventory Training Session #3: Creating a CIDC Using Universal Inventory Training Session #4: End-to-end Engagement Using the IAM Platform

Intelligent Asset Manager

Intelligent Asset Manager IAM 2018 User Guide
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IAM data usage terms

Universal Inventory

Universal Inventory ISV Onboarding Guide

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