SAM Mobile Device Management engagement

SAM for Mobile Device Management

SAM for mobile device management

The cloud-first, mobile-first world is here. According to a 2014 study, 74 percent of respondent companies permit or plan to permit employees to bring their own device to work. This enables employees to work from almost anywhere, at any time, using multiple devices, leading to increased productivity, but also potential security risks.

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) SAM Engagement is designed to help customers gain more visibility into mobile access of sensitive corporate data, implement controls to minimize risk, and understand mobile device licensing to ensure compliance. Your SAM partner will work with you to identify which users are accessing corporate data through which devices, provide a plan for mobile device management procedures and tools to be implemented, and determine the best licensing solutions for your business.

BYOD is here to stay. According to a Forrester study, 67 percent of people who use a smartphone for work and 70 percent of people who use a tablet for work choose the devices themselves.

Understanding the challenges of mobile device solutions

Allowing employees to use their own personal devices for work can help increase productivity and employee satisfaction, which is critical to business success. Managing and supporting these personal devices is equally critical. Working with a SAM Partner on an MDM SAM Engagement gives you the opportunity to plan for and address the unique challenges associated with mobile device solutions. Some of these challenges include:

  • Increased risk of data theft and leakage if the device is stolen.
  • Providing the right employee access to only their required apps and data.
  • Increased risk of users accessing resources without proper licensing in place, putting the organization at risk for non-compliance.
  • Exposed confidential corporate data on mobile devices, which can’t be wiped.

Benefits of an MDM SAM Engagement

Choosing to work with a SAM Partner and participate in a Mobile Device Management SAM Engagement will provide your business with the following:

  • Visibility into who is accessing your organization’s corporate data.
  • Implementation guidance on the right IT controls to minimize risk and maximize compliance.
  • Better understanding of your licensing agreement components and how devices are tracked and counted.
  • Tailored advice on how your mobility strategy can be improved to meet your organizational needs.
  • Recommendations for policies and procedure improvements related to mobility solutions.

Can mobile device flexibility and control co-exist?

Allowing employee flexibility and choice to work where they choose and with the devices they love and know best offers tremendous benefits. But non-corporate owned and controlled devices add complexity to IT management and data security. With deep insights into your technology infrastructure, including who is accessing the corporate network, what apps and data they are accessing, and type and number of devices they are using, you can put in place IT policies and controls that are flexible enough to protect the business and not overwhelm IT, but allow for employee ingenuity.

Key considerations for an MDM SAM Engagement

As you consider undertaking a SAM Mobile Device Management engagement, it’s important to consider partnering with the right advisor. This decision can impact the success of your engagement and position your business for ongoing success and management of your technology investments.

Things to consider when engaging a SAM Partner

When you evaluate a SAM partner, don't hesitate to ask questions. Does the partner:

  • Provide valuable experience and knowledge about SAM?
  • Have an in-depth understanding of software licensing overall as well as specific mobility licensing solutions?
  • Have a solid IT background, enabling them to evaluate the pros and cons of different SAM tools and mobility solutions?
  • Provide other services such as migration and implementation? If not, do they have relationships with other partners?

The SAM process

Learn more about the SAM process and what to expect during a Microsoft SAM engagement.

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