Microsoft SAM partners

Software Asset Management (SAM) is an industry best practice that incorporates a set of proven processes for managing and optimizing an organization’s IT assets. Implementing a SAM solution for customers provides a system for the effective management, control, and protection of the software assets within a company, throughout all stages of the product life cycle, keeping customers compliant with their volume licensing agreements.

Microsoft SAM partner benefits

Joining the Microsoft SAM partner ecosystem reaps many benefits:

Deliver lifetime value to your customersReceive industry training and earn certifications, such as SAM Solutions ExpertiseDiversify your services and offerings to standoutDeepen your partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft SAM partner requirements

To earn SAM incentives, partners must meet the following requirements:

One Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) competency OR one Microsoft Action Pack SubscriptionTwo full-time partner employeesFour SAM eligibility exams completed (SAM Solution Expertise)Partner management status

One Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) competency OR one Microsoft Action Pack Subscription

The SAM competency will be officially retired and invalid on January 31, 2018. Partners who only have the SAM competency will need to either earn a new competency or Microsoft Action Pack Subscription in order to remain eligible as a SAM partner.

Partners who already have a silver or gold competency outside of the retiring SAM competency satisfy this requirement. Partners can inherit competency status from HQ location.

Two full-time partner employees

Full-time employees must be employees of the company which is named in the opportunity and meet the above SAM partner requirementsSubcontractors do not fulfill this requirement

Partner management status

Partner actively managed by a Microsoft resource, at the global or local levelPartner active in the Managed Partner List (MPL)

More SAM partner information

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Become a SAM partner

Becoming a SAM partner is easy. Check out our page on the Microsoft Partner Network to learn more about the requirements.