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Compare family safety tools from Microsoft

Compare family safety tools from Microsoft

Microsoft has several tools to help you and your family have safer, more secure online experiences.

To compare some of these tools, consult the chart below. For more information about these products, click the column headings to visit their respective websites.

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Windows Vista Family Safety

Windows 7 Parental Controls

Windows 8 Family Safety

Xbox 360 & Xbox LIVE Parental Controls

My Family on Windows Phone 8

Apply Internet filters



Personalize individual user settings


Set computer use time limits


Get Internet activity reports



Set gaming limits

Block downloads

Manage access requests via email


Restrict software program access


Limit online communications



Restrict explicit content


1Windows 7 works together with Windows Live Family Safety to deliver this feature.

2For younger kids, set up Kid’s Corner, a place on your phone where kids can play with games and apps you add, but can't get to your email and other important material.