National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Stay safer online this holiday season


Whether you're online at home or on a mobile device while traveling, you don't have to compromise your privacy and security. We offer tips to help you be more secure and protect you when you:


• Buy gifts online
• Use public wireless networks
• Use a mobile service that knows your location
Get rid of an old computer or device 


Security updates for December 11, 2012
Download security updates for Microsoft Windows, Word, Windows Server, and Internet Explorer.

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Advocates join together to make the Internet safer for all

Recent research commissioned by the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) points to a widening online generation gap between parents and teens. Learn more about how Microsoft and FOSI are working to bridge that gap.


Participate in the Safer Online Teen Challenge

If you're between the ages of 13 and 18, you're invited to submit a skit, video, song, story, cartoon, or survey about online safety. Download the official rules and learn about the cool prizes.


Microsoft disrupts Nitol botnet

The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit recently took legal action against cybercriminals who were responsible for distributing 500 different strains of malware with the potential for targeting millions of innocent people.

Protect your computer

Protect your computer


Do you know the top 10 threats?

Security vendor Kaspersky recently posted the top 10 vulnerabilities it detected on its computers. Learn which products were on the list and how you can reduce your chances of accidentally downloading malicious software.

Take care with ransomware

Ransomware is malware that aims to prevent you from using your computer until you pay a fee (the "ransom"). If you see an email or a warning like this, do not follow the payment instructions. 


Security checklist for Windows

Do you know if your computer is safe from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software? Find out what you can do to help keep your computer more secure with Windows. 

Protect yourself and your family

Protect yourself and your family


Online gaming: Help play it safe

Learn about customizing family safety settings for Xbox and other ways you can help keep your child's online gaming safe, age-appropriate, fun, and educational.


Manage your privacy settings in one place

Your personal privacy dashboard helps make it easier to edit your privacy settings in Internet Explorer, Xbox, Bing, and other selected Microsoft products.


Online fraud: Get practical advice

Download our new free 12-page booklet for guidance to help you protect your privacy and avoid the most common types of online scams.

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