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Earth Day

Get rid of your old PC more safely

Earth Day is April 22 in 192 countries. What better time to learn how you can recycle computers and other devices more safely and where you can recycle hardware, packaging, and batteries. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that recycling 1 million laptops saves enough energy to power more than 3,500 US homes for a year.

See more ways you can reduce your environmental impact


Security updates for April 9, 2013

Download security updates for Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office.

Microsoft security news


Filing taxes? Beware of scams

The US tax filing deadline is April 15. Watch out for tax help offers that seem too good to be true or email that claims to be from the Internal Revenue Service and requests personal information.

Counterfeit software likely to contain viruses

New research highlights the dangers of pirated software (software that is copied and sold illegally). Learn about the risks and how using genuine Microsoft software can help you avoid them.

Cybersecurity 2020: Submit an entry to our contest
Are you a university student involved in researching the impact of government cybersecurity policies around the world? Learn how you could win $5,000 with an essay that addresses two questions on cybersecurity challenges.  

"Cyber crime" department scam
The logo may look legitimate, but the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit will never send an email message that asks you to provide personal information or open an attachment. Learn ways to spot such phishing scams.


Protect your computer

Protect your computer

Get automatic app updates
Security updates for Windows 8 apps will now be automatically installed when they are ready. This includes updates for Microsoft apps that are preinstalled with Windows 8 (like Mail) and for apps that you download.

How to better protect your PC from botnets and malware
Cybercriminals use botnets to infect computers with malicious software so that they can control them remotely. Find out how to scan your computer if you think it might be infected with malware.  

Download our "Defend Your Computer" brochure
Share this information that can help protect your computers and devices from viruses and other kinds of malicious software. 


Protect yourself and your family

Protect yourself and your family

New officially launched
Does your Hotmail account look different? Learn about the privacy and security benefits of being upgraded to (formerly Hotmail).

Digital book can help younger kids develop good online behavior
Microsoft believes it's never too early for parents, caregivers, and educators to teach kids how to be respectful online citizens. Digiduck's Big Decision was created especially for kids ages four to eight.

What is the Microsoft Lottery scam?
Any email message that says you've won the Microsoft Lottery or some other kind of prize from a well-known company is fraudulent. Find out more about this scam and others like it.

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