Tools to help detect and prevent viruses

3 tools to help detect and prevent viruses

Worried about computer viruses? Microsoft offers three downloadable tools that can help you defend against malicious software:

1. Microsoft Malware Prevention troubleshooter scans your computer and suggests changes to Windows security settings to help defend your computer against viruses.
2. Microsoft Security Essentials defends against viruses in real time.
3. Microsoft Safety Scanner works with your antivirus software to provide on-demand scanning and helps remove malicious software (malware).

Security updates for June 11, 2013

Download security updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office.

Microsoft security news

Download fix for Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability

If you use Internet Explorer 8, we recommend that you upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 or install the newly released Fix itóan easy, one-click download that will help protect your computer.

8 files you donít want to open

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Mobile phone manners and safety habits

The results of our poll are in. Find out what smartphone behavior annoys people the most and learn how some bad habits can put you and your family at risk.


Protect your computer

Protect your computer

Windows 8: Explore new and improved security features

Ready for a new operating system? Learn about the security and safety features in Windows 8 that are built in and ready to go.

Security in Internet Explorer 10

Learn about how you can increase your security and privacy with the newest web browser from Microsoft. Internet Explorer 10 comes with Windows 8 and is available to download with Windows 7. 

Help boost your malware defense and protect your PC

Learn about what you can do to help keep your computer free of viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Plus, find out how to avoid being tricked into downloading them in the first place.

Protect yourself and your family


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