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Security updates for September 10, 2013

·         Learn how to get security updates automatically

·         Get updates from Microsoft Update

·         Watch a video about the updates


Help installing updates

What do I do if my security updates don't install?  

If you have automatic updating turned on, your computer should install security and performance updates when Microsoft makes them available, usually only on the second Tuesday of every month.

If an update can't be installed, you will see a warning message.

Find out what to do if your updates don't install.

Top Stories


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Support for Windows XP ends April 8, 2014

If you’re still using Windows XP, you’re missing out on enhancements available in Windows 7 and in Windows 8. Learn more about what to do if your computer is still running Windows XP.  



How do I keep my firewall on?

Using a firewall is like locking the front door to your house—it helps keep intruders (in this case, hackers and malicious software) from getting in. Windows Firewall is included in Windows and is turned on by default.



Cloud security: What you need to know

When you check your email or the news, or pay bills or play a game online, you’re often accessing the cloud. Download a brochure on how to help protect your privacy in the cloud (PDF, 228 KB).


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