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Security updates for October 8, 2013

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What is Remote Assistance?

When you use Windows Remote Assistance, a helper, such as a friend or technical support person, can view your computer screen and chat with you about what you both see. With your permission, your helper can even use his or her own mouse and keyboard to control your computer and show you how to fix a problem.

Learn more at Remote Assistance 101.


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It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Celebrate 10 years of making the web safer for all.  Learn how you can get involved. 



Download fix for Internet Explorer vulnerability

We've confirmed that cybercriminals are currently targeting a limited number of Internet Explorer customers through trusted websites. Install the new Fix it.  



3 steps to safer online gaming with Xbox

If your kids play games using Xbox 360 or Kinect for Xbox 360, or if they go on Xbox Live, find out how you can manage their access to content and contact with other gamers.



Safety is an active verb

No matter where or how you access the Internet, learn how exercising safer digital habits should be a part of your daily routine.


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