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Help kids create and protect their passwords

Help kids create and protect their passwords

Creating strong, easy-to-remember passwords—and protecting them—is as important for kids as it is for you. Abuse of passwords that were stolen or shared through social networks or online gaming often opens the door to online bullying, identify theft, and other digital misuse.

Make creating a strong password a requirement for using any device or service. Creating their own passwords can instill in kids a sense of responsibility and emphasize the importance of their information.

  • For younger kids, make it into a fun game! They could use a phrase from a favorite song or video game, and then enhance it with the required numerals, punctuation marks, or symbols.

    Example phrase: Ilovezootycoon

    Example password: Ilove!ZooTycoon2013

  • Remind kids not to share their passwords with anyone but parents or a trusted adult—not even best friends.

One way to make this work and protect everyone’s privacy (particularly that of teens with their burgeoning need for privacy) is to create a password “bank.” All family members (even parents) put their passwords into a lockable box with the agreement that it will be unlocked only in the event of an emergency. The family also discusses and agrees on what such an emergency would be.